Melco Startup Challenge

Melco Startup Challenge

Date: 09 December, 2018

Country: Hong Kong


Organized by: Melco Resorts & Entertainment

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Melco is proud to offer a world-class experience to its customers - and are always looking for ways to improve and innovate their services (travel tech, retail & hospitality, operation management, added services, and customer success).

Melco is looking for disruptive startups to help improve all aspects of the value chain! The objective is to leverage current settings to improve the overall efficiency of the services.

If your proposal is selected among the top ones, you will benefit from coaching from industry veterans (from Melco property & Microsoft) to help you refine your proposal and prepare for a potential joint-POC.

You will then be invited on 18 January 2018 to pitch your idea to our Senior Management & partners and win a potential contractual collaboration. The objective is to implement the winning solutions among our value chain, make sure you already roll out an operation plan to do so!

The winning team(s) of the POC(s) will start the journey right away after the final event, with the objective of operational implementation before Summer 2019!

Startup Prizes:

- Up to 3 Proofs of Concepts
- Cash prize total of $10,000 USD
- Introduction to Melco's top management

Application phase due: December 9th

For all the details, head here!

Have any questions or looking for teammates? Join our WhatsApp group for Startups taking part in the challenge!

Are you a student? Head here for the Melco student challenge!