XYO Spatial Conference: Becoming a Part of the Blockchain Revolution

XYO Spatial Conference: Becoming a Part of the Blockchain Revolution

Date: 09 November, 2018 - 11 November, 2018

Country: United States of America

Venue: San Diego

Organized by: XYO

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“You would not even believe the mind-blowing things we have planned for Spatial and the XYO community. Our team has been working around the clock to deliver an experience like no other,” said Scott Scheper, Co-founder and Head of Marketing at the XYO Network”

According to the XYO team, everything we’ve seen from them thus far, can be likened to viewing something through a keyhole. To let the world know that they have far more things in store, the company will be holding the Spatial Conference in San Diego.
About Spatial

Projected to be one of the biggest blockchain events of the year, the conference will take place from the 9th of November, 2018, to the 11th of November.
In her post about the upcoming conference, XYO Senior Content Manager Jennifer Perez highlighted what guests stand to get at the event:

Attendees are set to receive deep insights from XYO founders Arie Trouw, Markus Levin, and Scott Scheper. The conference plans on featuring appearances and panel discussions from a series of top tier speakers. Spatial will also feature opportunities for its attendees to network, have great fun, and connect with like-minded people in the XYO and blockchain community. The XYO developers will also put, on exhibition, their next-level skills.

High Profile Guests and Speakers

Professional Race Car Driver, Collete Davis, is set to be one of the speakers at Spatial. Collete Davis is a professional racecar driver, stunt driver, entrepreneur and national TV Host.
She went to school at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Mechanical Engineering and entrepreneurship at 16, and moved to Silicon Valley at 18 to be mentored by VC Tim Draper at Draper University. With numerous wins under her belt across multiple forms of racing, she’s now competing in sports cars, drift competitions and is the new driver of the 12,000lb Wonder Woman Monster Jam truck.

In 2017, Collete was the host of ‘Girl Starter’, a competition TV show for female entrepreneurs on TLC. Collete is also one of Microsoft’s “People of Action” where she promotes STEM education and women empowerment internationally with the organization. Collete is driven to popularize STEM for the masses and share her story with the world to encourage female empowerment in male dominated industries where she constantly tries to challenge the very notion of what a woman can be in today’s world.

Collete won’t be the only Pro Racecar Driver speaking at the conference. JR Hildebrand and Jagger Jones will be joining her at the conference, where they’ll be sharing their own insights too. He currently competes in the IndyCar Series for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing. Hildebrand won the 2009 Indy Lights championship, and is best known for nearly winning the 2011 Indianapolis 500.

Jagger Jones, who was born in North Carolina when his father was a fixture in the NASCAR series, is based out of Scottsdale, Ariz. He began racing Late Models out West, at Kern County Raceway and Havasu Speedway in Arizona and Irwindale Speedway in California, last season and has won five times so far this season.

Understanding the XYO Network

To understand why Spatial is such a big deal, it is important that you understand who the XYO Network is.

XYO Network is a large, geospatial, location network that is powered by blockchain. The system provides unbelievably accurate, certainty-driven location data that users can rely on. This data can be transmitted through anything from cars to smartphones - making it directly accessible for users in real-time.

Founded by Arie Trouw, the company is known for building the world’s first decentralized location verification system. The system features over one million Bluetooth and GPS devices - and they are presently all over the globe. This was made possible by blockchain technology.

Earlier in 2018, the XYO Network created a waves within the tech industry when they when had a hackathon to specifically build traffic flow and parking applications based on data provided by the city of San Diego. The hackathon served as a preset for the company’s ultimate goal - to create smart cities that are infused with their next-generation location verification system.

This solution will allow for a significant reduction in traffic management to take place - which is major considering the fact that countries such as Britain, German, and the US amassing $461 billion in expenses - directly related to traffic congestion and mismanagement - last year. XYO is generating technology that could save national economies billions of dollars, while creating major convenience for motorists. With this solution tasks such as finding open parking spots would be effortless, and drivers could pay parking meters without ever interacting with them.

Spatial: An Event Not to Be Missed

After years of investment, maximum effort, and significant headway in advanced location technology, XYO is positioned to help bring the promise and the benefits of blockchain technology to the real world on major scale - a global scale to be exact. Now, this pioneering company is ready to share its mind with the world at the Spatial conference - where attendees will have access to information on the cutting edge technology that is to come.

The purpose of this event is to give attendees a total expo into the blockchain universe - secrets, tips, opportunities, as well as the role XYO will play in the next tech revolution. What will be shared at the conference will not be found anywhere else.
The event promises to blow attendees away with speakers flying in from as far as New Zealand and Africa. But all interested parties should know that there are only 500 spaces available for the conference.

The world is currently in a transient phase, as it stands on the edge of technological transformation, and blockchain technology is driving it in this direction. Only those in the loop will be able to understand and therefore tap into this opportunity.

“With everything we have planned, we hope that people will brag about this conference years from now, and be thrilled to tell their friends ‘I was there’” Scheper added. Considering the work XYO has done thus far, anyone missing out on this event will truly miss out on an opportunity to be part of something meaningful. Something important.