Most of you have heard about the ins and outs of Eve Online, a space-based MMO that has grabbed headlines for its absurd lifespan and online battles that cost gamers US$300,000. Well, one of its major design directors, Craig Scott, is calling it quits with studio CCP Games.

Scott is leaving the Icelandic-based games studio for a new role as a lead designer in German company Bigpoint. The European publisher specialises in free-to-play titles in its territory, providing servers and client downloads for games like Battlestar Galactica Online and Warframe. Scott’s new project will be browser-based and is touted as a “new breed” of MMO games.

In an official statement regarding the move, he said that the company “has major experience in the future sector of free-to-play, online games. I expect to have much space for trying new things, which is a premise for making really innovative games and which, of course, means a lot of fun for both, the teams and the users.”