Image credit: Altitude Games

Altitude Games, a Philippines-based mobile game startup, has raised US$275K in seed funding for its new and upcoming projects. According to the company, the seed round was funded by technology investor Nix Nelledo, Level! Games Co-founder Philip Cahiwat, and a few other charitable souls close to the new team.

The company’s focus is on making mobile games, with its priorities on Android versions first. Altitude Games told e27 that the company is going for the “midcore” market. Think of the term as a crowd that’s into simple endless running/match-three puzzle genres, but also dipping their toes into something such as a Dark Souls or a Call of Duty entry.

The company is looking to combine casual controls and accessibility with a midcore theme and deep replayability. Its first title? Well, Altitude Games isn’t announcing anything at the moment until Casual Connect Asia hits in May. What it can share is that the game will be free-to-play.

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So what’s special about Altitude Games? Well, it’s comprises former Boomzap Entertainment Senior Producer Gabby Dizon, who is the company’s CEO. He is accompanied by other veterans of the Southeast Asian game development scene:  former Boomzap Senior Designer Luna Cruz, former Gameloft Philippines Production Lead Paul Gadi, former Boomzap Lead Programmer Marc Polican, and former Imaginary Friends Studios Art Director Chester Ocampo. Given the success of Boomzap Entertainment’s Awakening series, mobile game fans can expect great things from the Filipino games studio.