Using real time stock market data, Singapore-based finance app TradeHero has reached US$5 billion worth of virtual currency through 350,000 trades within its community. Launched in December 2012, it has a total of 50,000 registered users.

Also having reached the top position for iOS Finance App in 21 countries, the app enables their users to practice trading with virtual money. Users can also learn from best performing traders on the in-app leaderboards. Dinesh Bhatia, CEO of TradeHero said, “It is marvelous to witness the fast-paced growth of the app, through reaching a total of US$5 billion’s worth of virtual investments across the TradeHero platform in such a short time.”

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Well, TradeHero took two months to reach US$2.5 billion in investments, and three more weeks to hit US$5 billion. They also said that over US$35,000 is getting invested each minute all over the world. The stock market simulation app has data from 14 stock exchanges, 45,000 global securities and 1,300 currency pairs.

They have also provided us with an infographic detailing top stocks, user behaviour and geography of trades. It is interesting to note that within top stocks, the only Asian brand is DBS Group, incorporated in Singapore.

TradeHero is one of the 22 startups pitching in Echelon 2013 Singapore Satellite. Check out the full list here.


Image Credit: TradeHero