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As you might have heard the phrase “disrupt yourself before someone else disrupts you,” it has become a mantra for any startup to constantly devise fresh strategies and products to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets. Disruptive innovators start from the low end of a market, which is usually forsaken by incumbents, and climb up the ladder. The race to attain that coveted title has never been more competitive than it is today.

So how are some fintech startups shaping their respective industries?

Today as we live in the beginning of a blockchain revolution, there has been a surge of tech startups capitalising on blockchain to develop fascinating solutions. If you are wondering, blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger that is transparent and tamper proof. It is simple yet powerful as it eliminates the need for middlemen in any transaction.

One such blockchain startup is SMARTRealty that is revolutionizing the real estate field by replacing physical real estate contracts with smart contracts. In the process, it aims to eradicate the issue of landlord-tenant lawsuits. Meanwhile, InsurTech startups are shaking up the insurance industry by using secure blockchain-based models to strengthen trust between customers and insurers by minimising frauds.

Another startup, Wyre, has been disrupting the banking industry by developing a cross-border payment and foreign exchange engine, which allows for international money transfer to happen in less than 6 hours. This is remarkably faster and cheaper than what traditional banks are able to achieve.

Disrupting an industry sure does sound awesome but unsurprisingly it comes with a bunch of challenges you have to overcome before reaching the likes of top players such as Airbnb and Amazon. Thriving on limited resources, coping with repeated failures and getting used to the competitive startup culture are just a few among others.

At e27, we firmly believe in giving every startup a fair chance to succeed. As a result, initiatives such as the Top 100 APAC programme were created to empower startups as well as investors in Asia to engage with each other in the right platform. This is where early-stage startups get the opportunity to pitch and showcase their ideas to investors.

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