Good news for those who somehow missed out on Echelon last month: we’ve got videos of keynotes and talks from our momentous event. Do check them out and share the love.

As for what’s hot in the startup and investment world, graphics crowdsourcing is apparently a thing, GREE invests in HotelQuickly, and Singapore’s anti-piracy laws are coming into effect soon. No more unlicensed Game of Thrones reruns for you!

Our fine young quartermasters of the good ship e27 also got some cool story reading done. Have a look at the insightful booty we amassed.

Indian Union Budget 2014: Hits and misses for startup community / The Economic Times
The Union Budget for 2014-15 laid special emphasis on the MSME and startup community. From setting up Fund of Funds with a corpus of Rs 10,000 (US$1.7 billion) crore to encourage startups to reviewing the definition of MSME, the Budget had it all. Charter Members from one of the biggest entrepreneurial body, TiE Delhi-NCR, and others in the startup ecosystem, spell out the hits and misses in this year’s budget.

The Indian government has taken a strong stand in supporting entrepreneurs in the country by setting up this humongous fund. This definitely spells growth and development of the startup and SME sector. It is heartening to see the booming startup world get the recognition and support it deserves. Hoping the government is successful in making this fund a reality.

– Maneka Tanwani, Assistant Editor

Consistency Pizza: How to Find the Perfect Volume, Quality, Voice and Topics in Your Marketing / Buffer
As someone involved in marketing, you’re only as good as your last campaign. That’s also the nature of the media industry where a journalist is only as good as his/her last byline. With technology lowering the barriers to content creation, publishing great content has become something of a mass-produced commodity.

So how does a business maintain its edge in the content game? As this article put forth by Kevan Lee, it’s a pursuit of consistency. Head on to the article to learn how to consistently produce great content marketing. 

– Brian, Product Marketing  Manager

Leave Michael Bay Alone/ The Escapist
With recent news of a supposedly terrible film about sentient robot cars based off of toys doing internationally well (US$95.8M in China alone, in case you asked), it’s safe to say that we are to blame. People think that it’s director Michael Bay who somehow wants to inflict such cinematic atrocities onto us. But really, it’s we who succumb to such pyrotechnics and clanging of metals with our wallets, be it out of curiosity or genuine interest.

What caught my attention about the video (yeah, let’s try something different from the usual text-only reads, shall we?), was that I was once such a person to direct all my anger at the director whom I never met at all, calling him a cinematic antichrist at one point in my life. Sometimes it takes an insightful critique on cinema culture to realign one’s perspective.

Besides, Bay made ‘The Rock’ and ‘Pain and Gain’, two films that arguably show that he’s a learned man in his craft when not feeding movie slops to the masses.

– Jonathan Toyad, Games Editor

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