I entered the world of startups bright-eyed, naive and feeling ready to scale the metaphorical peak of my dreams. Having armed myself with the knowledge and wisdom of my forbearers, I thought myself capable of confronting any hurdles or catastrophes that might befall me.

One year later, the expedition has hit some really serious snags. I have barely reached base camp and all my supplies have depleted; my crew — whom I thought would stick with me through thick and thin — have all but abandoned me.

I’m not that obstinate, I know when to quit when the gig is up; but the fire of entrepreneurship still burns fiercely in my belly. I feel ready to build another startup but at the same time, I’m quite worried it will end up in another crumbling mess.

How can I ensure that my new startup would work out? What mistakes should I avoid? What should I heed?

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Image Credit: ocusfocus / 123RF Stock Photo