What apt timing! As Vietnam-based indie game developer Dong Nguyen removes his viral hit Flappy Bird from both, iOS App Store and Google Play Store, Indonesian studio Touchten Games launches new Android title Amazing Cupid, which works very much like the former. An iOS copy is still waiting for approval from the App Store.

The free game app, which is available in both, Bahasa Indonesian and English, was said to have been “made with love” as a tribute to Dong Nguyen. Touchten Games CEO Anton Soeharyo, said that he had contacted Nguyen regarding making an app inspired by Flappy Bird, and had obtained the go-ahead, which was verified by TechCrunch.

Soeharyo had claimed in an earlier article originally published on DailySocial and later syndicated onto e27 that Indonesia isn’t a country for copying games. He then told this author, “I think what we did was not copying, because game mechanics cannot be copyrighted. And plus, we asked for permission instead of blatantly ripping off without letting the other party know.”

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If a game was inspired, or even said to be a clone, but had received rightful support from the original maker, is it still such a bad thing?

It certainly does not have to be. Amazing Cupid sports beautiful graphics with a proper blue-haired Cupid, and even boasts a gameplay, which is absent from all the other clones. Users are able to send secret messages to their significant others via a unique link, as these messages are pegged to a high score. When the other player eventually hits the high score, the message is then be made visible through the app.

He also referred to the blog post put up on Touchten’s official website. An excerpt reads:

Have you played Amazing Cupid yet? No? Then this might be the right time for you to get it ;p. If you have, you will notice that the art is completely different, it has a lot of added features (secret messages, crazy rants of a cynical cupid, and three difficulty levels). So given these facts, we are leaving the rest to you to have your opinion. All we humbly request is, for people to get the facts before defaming others. (Sic)

Honestly, I don’t think the game should be named Amazing Cupid. Judging from the cynical comments the flying angel bestows upon players — “Why am I grumpy? You are my only friend” — to its perpetual frown, Soeharyo should have named it ‘A-meh-zing’ Cupid instead.

Check out the game here: