The world might know Dong Nguyen as the man behind terribly addictive viral hit Flappy Bird, but it seems the Vietnamese developer is looking to shake off the shadows of his past.

In fact, he’s back with a new title. He tweeted:

The game, which bears some resemblance to Flappy Bird, will only be available on the aforementioned platforms this Thursday (August 21).

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However, those who are curious about whether they should download the app can check out an exclusive video review published by TouchArcade. Even in a written review on the same publication, author Eli Hodapp noted, “Swing Copters captures all the “just one more try” of Flappy Bird, and seems even more brutally difficult.”

One thing to note is that Nguyen had earlier pulled Flappy Bird off the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in February 2014, and then returned to garner some sort of Internet fame by releasing the same title on the Amazon Appstore this month. His rationale, according to The Wall Street Journal, was that the game was becoming “too addictive” and that the fuss over its difficulty level was overwhelming.

In May 2014, Nguyen had even tweeted:

However, there are just way too many similarities between Flappy Bird and Swing Copters, including gameplay, and its choice of audio and graphics. It seems like we won’t forget Flappy Bird for a while, that’s for sure.

Lead and Featured Image Credits: Dong Nguyen’s Twitter account