It takes a robust, scalable platform to run the back-end of the internet. Developed back in 1994, PHP can be considered as such, with nearly 40 per cent of websites and 21 million servers worldwide using it.

Of course, a good platform is nothing if no one is doing any development work on it. Naturally, PHP’s popularity has resulted in many developers learning it, using it to create systems that power the back-end of websites such as Facebook and Digg. Here, we at e27 bring you three PHP developer jobs from our database of 243 jobs from 488 companies.

Associate software engineer at MyRepublic Limited
MyRepublic is a telco headquartered in Singapore. Started in 2012, MyRepublic offers various fibre broadband subscription as well as video streaming and VoIP plans at competitive rates, giving more choice to Singaporeans with regard to their access to the internet.

Now, through recruitment site StaffOnDemand, MyRepublic is seeking an associate software engineer with knowledge and experience in developing advanced web-based applications. If you are comfortable with working in a Linux environment, and have experience in developing and maintaining mission critical PHP and MySQL systems, feel free to apply!

PHP Developer at Spring Maternity
Based in Singapore, Spring Maternity is a modern, yet friendly one-stop store providing maternity, nursing and baby apparel, together with other products to meet the needs of modern parenting. In addition to an e-commerce store, Spring Maternity also has five retail stores inside Singapore’s many shopping centres.

Through HackerTrail, Spring Maternity is looking for a PHP developer to improve its current platform, as well as to develop new modules that enable greater community engagement among its customers. If you have expertise in PHP and the LAMP stack, why not apply and help parents meet their evolving needs through the parenthood journey?

Senior Developer PHP/Python at Oizoioi
Oizoioi is a price comparison website established in Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. With over 100,000 products listed on the site, Oizoioi’s goal is to become the biggest online price comparison site in SEA.

Now, it is looking for a Senior PHP Developer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to support its team. If you have a minimum of three years’ PHP knowledge and an understanding of agile software development using SCRUM, feel free to apply and be a part of a highly ambitious team and a fast-growing company!

Image Credit: Piotr Adamowicz/Shutterstock