In a move to interact with tech-savvy consumers, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company Cerebos Pacific, the firm behind Brand’s Chicken Essence and Brand’s InnerShine, has partnered with Singapore-based development studio Akimi Technologies to launch a new online web game.

In addition to working with Akimi Technologies, Cerebos has partnered with local couple app LoveByte to distribute exclusive Valentine’s Day stickers on the latter’s platform. Both startups were exhibitors at e27’s flagship tech conference Echelon in 2013.

The online game, titled LoveInnerShine, was launched earlier today and targets young consumers between the age of 16 and 25. Essentially, players can control the brand mascot and shoot Cupid off web elements shown. The user will then be rewarded with discount codes, which they can use at Brand’s online store.

Digital engagement is something Cerebos Pacific is looking at acing. Cedric Mui, Digital Marketing Lead, Cerebos said, “Startups are very good partners to work with as they are hungry to prove themselves, nimble, fast moving and always at the forefront of their game. They bring a lot to the table and value add to our business. We definitely wish to work with more startups like Akimi in the future.”

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A spokesperson from Cerebos also shared its rationale behind working with LoveByte, “Firstly, (it was) because of the relevance between the platform and Brand, which share a common target consumer group and brand personality. (Secondly, we) enjoy the innovativeness and drive of the Founder who is willing to go the extra mile to make the project a success.”

Such collaboration between a small company and a multi-national company (MNC) is not rare. In fact, e27 recently reported on a partnership between Malaysian telco Maxis and a startup SECQME which saw the birth of Circle Watch, a personal security app.

Chua Meng Kiat, Business Consultant, Akimi Technologies, also shed light on how it is working with an MNC. He said, “We like working with MNCs as it showcases our ability and professionalism to deliver projects for them. We definitely want to foster deeper working relationships with Cerebos in the near future.”

However, why is Cerebos’s new game hosted on the web, instead of a popular smartphone OS? The spokesperson explained that they are targeting working females who spend most of their time in the office in front of their computers. Perhaps humourously, it was also justified as a way for consumers to have fun without being spotted by their employers.

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