Some statistics

After six months since their public launch, Burpple finally shares with us some of their user statistics. According to their latest newsletter, Burpple is present in 115 countries in over 3,300 cities. The top ten countries for Burpple are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, US.., Japan, China and Canada. To date, there are over 150,000 photos uploaded to Burpple, which they call food moments.

To put the numbers into comparison, SnapDish, a Japan based mobile app launched few months before Burpple, has just announced earlier this week that they have more than 1.5 million photos uploaded through their app to date. The announcement was made in conjunction with their Digital Garage funding announcement.

New features launched

The last few months saw the Burpple team working on their next new product features. With every release, the team focuses on a theme. And for this one, they have centered on the experience of exploring. The new feature, Burpple Explore is a new way to explore new food through the experiences of friends, family and local experts.

You can now discover what’s good to eat nearby, or in the city you are traveling to, right from your fingertips. If you’re having trouble deciding what to order, Burpple can now determine which restaurant you are in, and you’ll instantly be able to see what others have eaten. Burpple is also unveiling a brand new Place profile. Food moments at a certain place are now showcased in either a grid or feed view.

Keep moving and keep shipping

What’s really interesting with Burpple is that the team has been constantly shipping new features. Launched back in May, the team has been really tight-lipped about their public stats and how they are doing in terms of numbers. In July, the team launched a Chinese version of their app and marched their way to the Chinese market. In August, the team introduced Burpple Instagram Connect, and launched a Japanese version of the app.

So what lies ahead for the team? Will there be a funding announcement soon? As we noted in our post yesterday when CyberAgent Ventures invested in Vietnam’s, there has been explosive activities in the region in the food vertical in these recent months. While there are rumours that the team is funded, nothing has been confirmed, and as usual, the team is very tight-lipped about their performance, focusing instead on building a beautiful product.