ulfUlf Waschbusch, the former Director of MySpace Mobile, will be joining Singapore based gaming startup Garena as their Chief Product Officer. Garena operates one of the world’s leading online competitive e-sports hub for gamers to compete against each other wherever they are in the world by transforming the internet into a massive virtual cybercafe. Founded in March 2007, the company boasts over 25 million registered users from over 200 countries, making Garena software one of the most popular online game software and making Garena community one of the biggest international gamer communities in the world.

While in Singapore, Ulf will be concentrating on extending the product into new feature areas and countries. His past accolades include his stint at Google, where he was the Product Marketing Manager for mobile. This is where he led worldwide marketing for most of Google’s mobile consumer products (Google Search, iPhone,Youtube, SMS, News, Sync and Gmail for mobile, mobile.google.com). He also did Product Marketing Management at T-Mobile, just after he finished his MBA at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Looks like all the former MySpace chaps are keen on finding their way to Singapore. Brad Greenspan, the Founder and former CEO of MySpace, is currently in Singapore as well working on his incubator, Social Slingshot. It is great to see Asian startups attracting top notch people from US based companies, a trend I believe will continue to grow over the next couple of year.