Former Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures Stefan Jung today announced the launch of independent VC fund Venturra Capital (Read our interview with MHV’s Kuo-Yi Lim on Jung leaving the fund)

Sponsored by the Lippo Group, the company has launched US$150 million-worth of committed capital through Venturra Capital Fund I.

Jung takes on the role of Managing Partner together with John Riady and Rudy Ramawy.

The company aims to provide capital, operational empowerment and market access to innovative tech startup founders across Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

It will focus on early-stage startups in the e-commerce, financial services, healthcare and education sectors, with a previous track record that includes GrabTaxi, Traveloka, Bridestory, Munchery, HappyFresh and

“We are driven by finding and working with the best entrepreneurs rather than having a limited investment scope,” Jung said.

Complementing Jung’s experience as serial entrepreneur and investor, Venturra Capital was founded by Managing Partners with strong backgrounds in tech business and investments across different sectors.

Riady is the Director of Lippo Group while Ramawy was the founding Country Director of Google Indonesia and is now serving on the board of Lippo’s

John Riady, Rudy Ramawy, and Stefan Jung, Managing Partners of Venturra Capital

John Riady, Rudy Ramawy, and Stefan Jung, Managing Partners of Venturra Capital

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Wanted: Startups

Venturra Capital has been “very active” in identifying companies and investing in the weeks prior to its launch. While announcement of funding rounds are at the discretion of each startup, Jung claimed that the company has made more than 10 investments.

First of all, it has a sizeable fund to finance companies further as they go.

“Hence entrepreneurs can move faster than if they have to start over with the fundraising process … So, around half of our fund is reserved for follow-on investments in our portfolio companies to help them grow,” Jung told e27.

He also said that the company’s average investments are in the range of US$2 million to US$5 million, but they are very much open to co-invest in earlier and later rounds.

“We actively reach out to other investors to co-invest with us. Investing is a team effort,” he said.

Since Venturra Capital has a strong focus in investing in both Indonesia and Southeast Asia, startups can also expect international exposure.

While the company does not actively search for investments outside the region, with its global network of investors, the company is keen to invest in companies outside of Southeast Asia and help them expand across their core market.

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Strong connections

Lippo Group’s role as the largest limited partner (LP) in the VC fund offers a unique access to synergies in the group.

Lippo provides access to a broad range of industries, a regional network of businesses and a stable of corporate leaders. Venturra will combine its independence and unique access to empower founders and enable portfolio companies to scale quickly and gain traction in order to generate consistently strong returns for investors.

Lippo’s portfolio of tech investments under Lippo Digital Ventures will also be merged with Venturra Fund I.

“Our vision at Venturra is to partner with the best entrepreneurs for generations to come … Eighty years from now, we want to look back, point to some of the most transformative companies in the region, and say that we played a part in contributing to their success,” concluded Riady.

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