Talenta, Sleekr, Jurnal, and Klikpajak, four Indonesian SaaS platform-based startups, announce its consolidation into one company called Mekari. Mekari will be the synergy that the four companies agree to make into a contributing platform to support SMEs through digitisation as well as human resources and financial management.

The four companies hope with the merger, there will be a significant technology adoption to increase SMEs’ productivity in the country. This move was mainly the private entities’ answer to government’s plan of digitising eight million SMEs within this year.

The statistics provided by the Ministry of Communication and Information that showed only 6.5 million SMEs, or only 10 per cent, that has been digitised from a total of 59.2 million SMEs.

“We identified the need of a modern solution that will enhance the business of Indonesian SMEs. That’s why Mekari was born,” said Suwandi Soh, CEO of Mekari.

Four forces into one allow Mekari to start up with a bigger capacity and thousands of companies already, all with the needs of help in cloud-based human resources management and financial management.

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Furthermore, Mekari said that this synergy will focus on providing SMEs with a more affordable SaaS option that has already facilitated most of SMEs needs outside the common marketing and website building that SMEs often did without necessary business enhancement.

SMEs in Indonesia contribute 64 per cent or about US$60 million every year to the country’s economy, as shown in 2017 statistics.

However, with the low number recorded on SMEs that actually embrace digitisation for its business, it hinders the country from accelerating economic growth twice faster, according to findings by global management consultant Deloitte and McKinsey.

Mekari will also host Mekari Conference on April 25, 2019 in The Kasablanka, Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta. Mekari said that the event -themed Powering Indonesian SMEs with Technology- will invite more than 20 CEO and founders and 2000 startups and SMEs that will equip the participants in preparing and developing its operation utilising technology.

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There will be three main stages presented in the conference, which will be Growth & Innovation Stage, People Stage, and Finance Stage.