eGlu HUB

eGlu HUB

It seems Foxconn is slowly looking to increase its presence in India. Two months after its subsidiary FIH Mobile made an investment in Noida-based MoMagic Technologies, the Taiwanese electronics giant has injected money into Bangalore-based home automation solutions startup WiZN Systems, according to a report by The Economic Times.

Kanwaljit Singh, Co-founder of FireSide Ventures and a former Partner at Helion, also joined the round.

Founded in 2014, WiZN offers a platform called eGlu which enables smart living and provides benefits like security, convenience and energy savings to home owners.

The platform includes hardware devices which connect wirelessly to the Internet and can be monitored and controlled by a mobile app from anywhere.

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eGlu HUB connects to your home’s Wi-Fi router and becomes a communication gateway between your phone and all the connected devices at home. The hardware devices include smart plugs, motion sensor, door sensor and panic alarm which are part of its Do-It-Yourself solution. They are simple to set up and are wireless. They either plug directly into an AC power socket or run on batteries.

The eGlu platform is not just limited to the plug-n-play devices. In-wall switch modules can be installed behind the switch plates to automate existing lights and fans at home. The platform also lets you integrate IP cameras, allowing you to monitor the home from anywhere.

The app, with its built-in intelligence, enables you to take specific actions at a given time or when a sensor detects an event in your home. This can be achieved by creating simple ‘rules’ in the app. You can also create a shortcut or ‘scene’ in the app to take multiple actions by clicking a single button.

Recently, another Bangalore-based home automation startup Silvan Innovation secured US$500,000 in funding from The Chennai Angels.