Eristica, a cryptocurrency-based freelancing video platform on which content creators connect with fans and perform challenges remotely, has partnered with Singapore-based fiat-to-crypto platform Binance.

Under this agreement, Eristica will allow every user who takes part in a challenge on its platform to voluntarily contribute a 5 per cent amount of the rewards directly to Binance Charity Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy towards achieving global sustainable development.

“Eristica has this amazing opportunity to offer their customers a way to improve the lives of the ‘Bottom Billion’ and advance sustainable development around the world. Eristica’s application has deployed a feature that allows everyone who takes part in a Challenge to voluntarily contribute a 5 per cent amount of the Challenge reward directly to Binance Charity Foundation just by clicking the checkbox. This notification comes by default every time someone creates or accepts a Challenge,” Eristica’s CEO Nikita Akimov said.

The total donation amount will appear on everyone’s profile page as well as on the Leaderboard. The user also has the option to stay anonymous.

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“We are very happy that technology which combines entertainment and blockchain can impact the standards of life almost everywhere in the world. Just a decade ago it might have seemed unfathomable, but now it’s not just a reality — it’s working successfully already! We are excited to bring this feature to our users, as it allows to have fun, earn money and improve lives of other people simultaneously in just one app,” Akimov opined.

Eristica is a platform which allows users to challenge a friend to try something wild and crazy, record it, post it and get into a leaderboard. The startup is part of Mobile Only Accelerator MOX, which helps mobile startups from around the world acquire users in Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe and South America. MOX is run by SOSV, a global VC firm with US$625 million under management.

Eristica is leveraging MOX’s ecosystem to distribute its app in Southeast Asia. In particular, Eristica has preinstall and push-marketing agreements with OEMs across Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and India.