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Healthcare can be an iffy proposition in emerging markets, where the patient-to-doctor ratios are usually high, and access to affordable, quality healthcare may not always be within reach.

However, technology aims to change that in various ways. In places where mobile usage cuts through the income spectrum, providing accessible medical advice and services remotely might just cut it.

In the Philippines, privately-funded MEDIFI Medtech Solutions provides health profile management, video, text consultations, and medical imaging support to patients. Plus, MEDIFI’s doctors can issue digital prescriptions, when needed.

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Freddy Gonzalez, MEDIFI Co-founder and CEO, says the main goal of the company is to bring down barriers to healthcare access. “Utilizing digital technologies and the internet, we are on a mission to improve the Filipino’s access to healthcare,” he wrote in a statement.

He adds that around 70 per cent of clinical visits are avoidable, and these “pose a heavy but unnecessary strain to the healthcare system.” MEDIFI therefore wants to minimise such strains by enabling users to consult through technology tools.

MEDIFI now plans to go beyond consultations. Through a partnership with e-pharma startup MedGrocer, patients can now fill these digital prescriptions with a click or tap.

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Prescriptions and orders are routed to MedGrocer’s pharmacists, who verify and prepare the medication, which are then delivered directly to customers’ addresses.

“MEDIFI has enabled the Filipino patient to consult with their doctors online,” shared MedGrocer Founder and CEO Jerome Uy. “MedGrocer extends this new way of accessing healthcare with a convenient and innovative way of fulfilling the patient’s pharmaceutical needs.”

With the ability to provide consultations, manage healthcare records and then fulfil prescriptions online, the platform is essentially building a one-stop-shop for Filipinos’ medical needs. Such a deal “put patients back at the centre of healthcare,” Uy further shared.


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