Singapore-based mobile app development studio Replaid seems to understand the perils of driving in this city-state. First, it shooed off parking wardens and tickets with its free app Summon Auntie in 2011. Then, it launched NotePlate, a free social networking app for drivers. And today, it has released a new free app, Caarly, which aims to help local drivers with LTA (Land Transport Authority) information, vehicle finances, parking fines and workshop directions, without ever having to call anyone up for details.

After downloading the app, which is available on iOS devices, users have the option of adding cars via their license plate and identification numbers. An Android version is slated to be released soon.

At time of filing this report, there were 4,068 workshops listed, including categories such as ‘Car Leasing’, ‘Paint Protection’ and ‘Tyres & Rims’. In addition, the app directs users to Replaid’s call to fame, Summon Auntie.

At the moment, there does not seem to be a revenue model. The list of workshops does look comprehensive and presents a way for the company to generate advertising revenue or commission.

UPDATE: Sanjay Shivkumar, Business Development Manager, Replaid said, “Our focus is to provide drivers with an easy and efficient way to manage their driving experience in stressful Singapore. Whether we generate revenue or not is not a core issue right now.”

He added that the workshop directory was manually integrated into the app, and that we can look forward to seeing more vehicle-related apps from the studio.

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