Internships are a great way for both new graduates and career-switchers to gain the necessary experience and skills in their new careers. While theoretical knowledge is important, especially for certain technical jobs, some skills and abilities cannot be learnt without first trying it out in a real-life work environment.

Now, we at e27 are bringing you three e-commerce startup internships from our database of 603 jobs from 284 companies. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, just out of school or considering a career switch, interning at an e-commerce startup could be your stepping stone to a better-paying, more fulfilling job!

Products Evangelist Intern at Shoppy
Shoppy is a Singapore-based e-commerce startup that sells digital lifestyle and wellness products. Branding itself as the anthropologist of e-commerce, it focusses on innovative, affordable, and well-designed products that, according to the company, aim to make everyday life more vibrant and delightful.

Right now, Shoppy is looking for a product evangelist intern for content and copy generation, customer research, and social media management. If you are passionate about the latest market trends and have a strong command of English and  good writing skills, why not apply and gain practical experience of marketing and developing a business?

Marketing Intern at LittleTrouble
LittleTrouble is an e-commerce startup that focusses on baby and children products and apparel. It features products from leading baby clothes designers around the world, and aims to give parents a platform to discover new, interesting kidswear.

In preparation for its launch in October, LittleTrouble is looking for an energetic, tech savvy, and task oriented intern to be the caretaker of its e-commerce store hosted on Shopify. If you are a Singaporean or a Singapore PR proficient in Adobe Photoshop and have a keen interest in e-commerce, technology and startups, why not apply?

Business Intelligence Intern at Lazada
A well-known name in e-commerce, Lazada is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online department stores. Backed by Rocket Internet, Lazada was launched in Singapore earlier this year, and received US$250 million in funding from Tesco and Access Industries late in 2013.

Through StaffOnDemand, Lazada is looking for a business intelligence intern to support its industry strategy with insightful analysis. If you have strong analytical and communication skills, and are willing to relocate for roles in the SEA countries, why not apply? Join its expanding team, hone your creative skills as well as implement new initiatives in a nurturing environment!