While digital advertising is on an explosive growth, traditional advertising, especially outdoor advertising, is still here to stay. The key is how you make these media more interactive and engaging. Gone are the days where mundane advertorials can attract the attention of Generation Y.

NoiseStreet, a Singapore based startup that provides interactive outdoor advertising campaign, might be a game changer in this space.

Founded by Mr. Bhagaban Behera and Abhineet Yadav, NoiseStreet started with the mission to make ad media two-way, interactive and engaging. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are doing a good job in doing this. However, most people spend at least half of their time out-of-home in an offline world: on the road, in the train, in a shopping mall, at the airport, in a classroom, and so on. NoiseStreet’s goal is to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds, in order to bring social interactivity to the actual physical world.

With smartphone usage soaring and touch screens becoming ubiquitous, it was natural for NoiseStreet to adopt these two media to make the world interactive and “noisy.”

How does it work ?

NoiseStreet provides a web-based solution where businesses can pick and choose interactive content, and then customize and run these on their screens at their premises via web browser. The content can include interactive games or non-game applications, as well. Some examples include a Q&A app for conferences or even interactive quizzes for classrooms. For games, content on the platform is mostly multi-player.

Participants can then use their smartphones to interact with the screens, and be rewarded via vouchers or badges for participating. On top of this front-end marketing solution, NoiseStreet also provides rich analytics to track engagement as well as sales, among other metrics.

Highly successful campaign with leading beverage retailer Gong Cha attracts inquiries from other merchants

NoiseStreet embarked on an outdoor marketing campaign with Gong Cha, along with with SPH MediaBoxOffice (SPHMBO), using its large digital Video Wall at [email protected] The innovative interactive game, which began October 24, 2012, aims to stop consumers in their tracks during the busy lunch and dinner hours to guess the drawing (on-screen) and win $1 Gong Cha vouchers.

The current campaign is NoiseStreet’s first large-scale foray into changing the outdoor advertising industry. Previously, this medium (digital screens, billboards) in shopping malls were one way, passive and failed to attract the consumer’s attention . NoiseStreet is turning the industry on its head by making the screens and billboards by actually engaging the audience.

e27 had the chance to stop by [email protected] and experienced for ourselves the huge crowd engaged with the outdoor advertising campaign by NoiseStreet. Passers-by were using their smartphones to interact with the campaign. To play, one has to simply scan the QR code or type in the URL onto their smartphone to begin guessing the drawings. Five correct guesses entitles a consumer to win a Gong Cha voucher, which can be redeemed immediately at the retailer’s [email protected] outlet.

Co-founder Bhagaban also shared with us that the campaign managed to attract a lot of inquiries from other merchants and has secured a few other “major partners and clients.”

Applications and limitations

While the interactive outdoor advertising has huge engagement rates, the experience is limited by the mobile internet speed. As there is a time limit to each drawing guesses, a slow connection would provide a bad user experience. However, that does not limit the applications of NoiseStreet, which can also be used during conferences, interactive classrooms, or events in bars or clubs.

NoiseStreet will also be opening up its platform for third party developers to publish engaging content on a revenue sharing model. NoiseStreet is mostly bootstrapped with some help from MDA via the iJam grant. The startup is a graduate of Singapore Founder Institute and is included in the SeedCamp top-20 in Asia. The team is also looking for opportunities in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Game changing? This is definitely a Singapore startup to watch.