Korean free-to-play games publisher Nexon did have a fruitful first quarter, according to its latest fiscal year report.

The company earned revenues of US$464 million for the quarter that ended on March 31 of this year. It also got profits of US$157.8 million for that period. Both of these results were up seven per cent year-over-year, exceeding its previous original forecasts.

These high numbers for the company were due to its free-to-play games doing very well in Korea and China. Nexon President and CEO Owen Mahoney said that PC games such as FIFA Online 3, Sudden Attack and Dungeon Fighter Online had strong sales in both regions.

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FIFA Online 3 had a strong quarter due to the game’s constant updates and the release of the mobile equivalent, FIFA Online 3 M. Online shooter Sudden Attack had 17.6 per cent of Korea’s PC cafe market share.

Side-scrolling beat-em-up mass multiplayer hybrid Dungeon Fighter Online surpassed high-end expectations in China thanks to the game’s Lunar New Year update. Its monthly active users count were stable quarter-over-quarter.

Mahoney said that the company also achieved quarter-over-quarter mobile revenue growth thanks to new Korean mobile games like Legion of Heroes and the mobile version of FIFA Online 3. “Going forward, we will sharpen our focus on quality across all platforms,” he said.