Y&R’s ‘Spark Plug’ initiative gives office space and opportunity to collaborate to four digital startups.

Gamification startup GameMaki, DJ Nomsta, talent management company Riot Records and social media loyalty startup Squiryl are the four digital startups that will get to work alongside Y&R Singapore for the next six months.

Y&R’s global chief of staff, JJ Schmuckler, said the programme is a way of tapping into and leveraging the growing start-up market around the world.

“For us, clients are incredibly engaged [with the programme],” Schmuckler said. “Also for them, to be honest, it’s a little bit of free ideas, added value and something that comes on top of the day-to-day of what they are expecting.

“It’s more than just story-boarding or campaign ideas, it’s something on top that’s a really interesting added value.”

The initiative will begin in Singapore this month before being expanded to Indonesia, Thailand, China and India.