Still studying? Want to learn some valuable working skills as well as some pocket money? Look no further, for we, at e27, are bringing to you three interesting internships from the tech startup world through our very own jobs portal — now boasting a total of 281 jobs from 147 tech companies! Who knows, maybe they’d hire you full time once you graduate.

Marketing intern at Controlled Commodity

Our first two internships are from e-commerce startups specialising in menswear. Controlled Commodity is an online menswear label modelled after online-only fashion labels in the US such as Mr Porter and Asos. Started by investor John Tan, it is powered by Shopify and will be launching soon.

Being a fashion label, Controlled Commodity is naturally looking for a a candidate with an interest in fashion. Other skills needed include street smarts and a great work ethic, with e-commerce experience being a plus. If you have run a blogshop before, apply and get the opportunity to work with a great bunch of people with experience in design, fashion, tech, and online retailing.

Logistics Associate at TATE & TONIC

TATE & TONIC is a young and ambitious startup that aims to disrupt the way men buy clothes, helping them to look great without the hassle of shopping. Through a personalised curation system, it allows men to buy clothes with no effort and no risks; after all, we all know how much men hate going to the mall!

It is looking for a highly motivated and smart graduate, who would want to grow within the company after the end of the internship. If you are a proactive problem-solver who gives attention to detail and has strong communication skills, join TATE & TONIC  to make the world a better styled place.

Languages internship at SendForensics

The last company is different from the previous two; it is a tech company specialising in cloud-based email marketing. SendForensics is a provider of B2B cloud and security applications with customers from all over the world. As a result, it needs to localise and translate its product for customers from different countries.

If you’re based in Singapore and are a native speaker of one of the these languages — Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese — why not give it a go? Additional skills such as web and graphic design, as well as experience in copywriting and social media are welcome, of course.

Image Credit: Goodluz / Shutterstock