Indonesian startups Qlue and Go-Jek announced today their new partnership with government-run TransJakarta.

As part of the Jakarta SmartCity campaign, apps made by each startup will now include a tracker feature for TransJakarta buses, to make commuting more convenient.

“Qlue has been present as an online reporting platform for public services. The new Qlue Transit feature will enable citizens to closely monitor [the] public transportation system,” said Rama Raditya, CEO of Terralogiq, the company that produces Qlue.

Apart from tracking buses, Qlue also allows users to report any public service violation related to TransJakarta.

As for Go-Jek, the new feature enables users to easily determine estimated arrival time, and, eventually, when to book a Go-Jek service to pick them up at their destination.

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The features can track buses in the 12 available “corridors” or lines. To support the feature, TransJakarta has installed GPS tools in its buses.

“TransJakarta passengers complain not because they have to wait for long, but because they don’t know how long they should wait. The feature allows you to know where the buses are,” said Antonius Kosasih, Managing Director of TransJakarta, as quoted by Kompas.com.