Go-Jek’s Jakarta headquarters

Go-Jek drivers today gathered in the startup’s Denpasar office to protest the sudden suspension of 1,400 drivers, effective this week. This is the second wave of protests against Go-Jek in the past month, following one at its Jakarta headquarters earlier in November.

Drivers claimed that they first found out about the suspension when they were unable to log into their accounts this morning.

They were able to talk to a Go-Jek representative at the office, but decided to continue the sit-in as the explanation was deemed unsatisfactory.

“We came here because we were suddenly suspended,” said Fatkun, Go-Jek driver, as quoted by Kompas.com.

“We have no idea what we have done [wrong], suddenly we just got suspended,” he added.

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Apart from being suspended without notice, Go-Jek driver Wahyu Purwanto claimed that the startup also fined drivers following reports of a fictional booking made by a Go-Jek driver.

“Go-Jek said there are reports of violation by a driver, but they did not explain [who did it and how]. We suddenly received SMS text saying that we are being fined … up to IDR10 million (US$721),” he said.

“They said that there is a fictional booking made to a pie shop. But we have evidence that there is [a real transaction with] cash payment, the goods and the client himself,” he added.

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Go-Jek recently faced criticism and protests from its drivers after a new policy decreasing its per-kilometre fare to IDR3,000 (US$0.21) from IDR4,000 (US$0.29).

The drivers also experience unannounced deductions for ‘uniform and smartphone installment fee’ that the company claimed was the result of a bug in its system.

Pingkan Irwin, VP of Marketing of Go-Jek, confirmed that the company has been systematically reviewing suspicious bookings in the past few months.

“As this problem grew, we have repeatedly sent notifications that we will take action on drivers who make fictitious orders,” she stated in an email to e27.

“We have reviewed all the driver accounts, whom we [suspended] today, and we found evidence that they all have made fictitious orders from fake accounts,” she added.

She also stated Go-Jek has set up teams in each city to process drivers who are willing to follow the company’s procedures to reactivate their accounts.

Image Credit: Anisa Menur