Today, an official announcement by online media startup Kumparan, on its Facebook page, features the name Go-Jek President Andre Soelistiyo as part of the media company’s board of directors. As reported by DailySocial, it is said that Go-Jek secured the position in the up-and-coming online media firm through their fresh investment company Go-Ventures.

Just a day after the announcement of Go-Ventures in August, Kumparan appeared on the Go-Jek app as an in-app news under testing. This experiment is said to be a way to make users spend more time on the apps.

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The amount of investment made has yet to be revealed, as well as the official statement from both companies. Before this investment, Kumparan secured GDP Venture-backed investment early in 2017, as well as a new board of director courtesy of local television channel NET’s CEO and Founder, Wishnutama.


Image Credit: DailySocial