DOOgether users met at DOOday events to play sports together

Ride-hailing unicorn gojek announced that it has partnered with DOOgether, a fitness app that allows its users to book fitness classes in advance and find fitness partners, to launch GoFitness.

Keeping up with the healthy lifestyle trend, gojek’s GoFitness plans to provide access for users to reserve wellness and sports classes such as yoga, pilates, pound fit, barre, Muay Thai, and zumba in hundreds of gyms and studios in Jakarta area.

“The launch of GoFitness is in line with our commitment to keep innovating in making users’ lives easier, from the moment they wake up in the morning until they rest at night,” said Head of Third Party Platform Gojek Group Sony Radhityo.

Radhityo further explained that the healthy lifestyle trend is shown in the data gathered from gojek’s users. Since 2019, there are more than 11,000 users recorded on the app making trips to gyms and sports studio every month.

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In the same period, gojek’s food delivery service GoFood also recorded more than 600,000 portions of healthy food order.

DOOgether CEO Fauzan Gani also expressed its enthusiasm in working together with the unicorn.

“We believe that technology has a big role in making lives easier. This is our way to actively participate in Indonesian sports industry,” said Gani.

According to data released by Japanese media Nikkei in July, gojek’s monthly active users have matched the number of monthly active users of the biggest ride-sharing app in the US.

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Three of gojek’s on-demand services –food delivery, ride-hailing, and e-wallet– have become the number one choice for Indonesian millennials.

Just like GoFitness, gojek also partnered with other local players in providing services under GoGive, GoMall, and GoNews.

Back in April 2019, DOOgether secured seed funding led by Gobi Agung, with participation from Everhaus, Prasetia Dwidharma, and Cana Asia.

Image Credit: DOOgether