Picture for representation purpose only

Picture for representation purpose only

Say the word ‘Goa’ and it brings a smile to Indians, and an increasing number of foreign visitors. A favourite go-to place for youngsters to kick back may just get more appealing! Google India has offered to undertake complete digitisation of the state. Provided the government takes up the proposal, it will include sponsoring 1,000 information technology startups and putting Goa on a 3D map to make it more tourist-friendly.

This will essentially bring Goa into the limelight as a startup hub in the country, joining the ranks of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Google will incubate the startups through its funded programmes via other partner agencies. It will also provide mentors from leading IT companies in India and from across the globe to help guide and mould these startups.

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The Google offer will also make Goa the first state in India to be on 3D Google maps, which will allow viewers 3D imagery of every nook and corner of the state.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Google India’s Managing Director Rajan Anandan are in talks, and The Times of India reports Parrikar has expressed enthusiasm. “We are interested in the ideas. We have asked them to submit concrete proposals. We are likely to meet at the end of July,” said Parrikar.

“Google’s 3D technology can help Goan enterprises go online and get globally connected through the Google network,” said RS Kamat, Director General, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in an official statement (via IANS).