Google has announced that its online store Google Play is now two years old. To celebrate its birthday, the site has slashed prices of its games and apps.

Most of the price cuts vary from game to game: Venture Towns from Kairosoft is 85 per cent off and costs S$1.50 while the mobile version of Final Fantasy V (i.e: the one with the “revamped” art style) is 50 per cent off and costs S$10. Free-to-play games like Akasha and Dungeon Hunter will instead offer a 50 per cent discount for in-game items.

In addition, the Google Play Games platform now has new social integration. Users can now see what games their friends are playing, while also issuing and accepting challenges/team-ups with them. Essentially, these are features that most other platforms in the gaming market have done a while ago.

Here’s the full list of games if you’re interested.