Remember the time when Apple’s App Store was the go-to spot for mobile purchases and downloads? Well, now it’s 2014, and Google’s Google Play platform is slowly catching up with Apple’s mobile store revenue.

According to the latest App Annie report, Google Play is outpacing the iOS App Store in terms of downloads, with the revenue gap between the two closing in soon. The App Store generated about 85 per cent more revenue in the first quarter of 2014 than Google Play. However, Google Play hosts 45 per cent more downloads across the world than the iOS App Store, which is double the 25 per cent download number that the store saw last November.

Image credit: App Annie

Image credit: App Annie

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It also turns out that Google Play is gaining traction from countries such as Russia and Brazil, along with Mexico and Turkey. Smartphone adoption has grown at a quick pace in Mexico; it increased around 75 per cent in 2013 and would go up by 40 per cent in 2014. As for Turkey, the investments done in conjunction to the country’s Vision 2023 and FATIH education projects had a lot to do with the sudden growth.

In the App Store’s case, its revenue increased around 70 per cent quarter-over-quarter in China.

Games and messaging app remained key categories that drove growth on both online stores worldwide. That said, Google Play’s Tools category also saw revenue gain while the App Store’s Finance section saw profit thanks to tax season in the US. This is good news for budding game developers, as they not only have more options to push out their games, but can also take solace that mobile gaming still accounts for the lion’s share of the revenue.