Google will be hosting its annual I/O conference for the year later this week. As such, analytics site App Annie found it appropriate to release some Google Play stats for us to analyse. And boy, Google Play has been a busy little bee of a service.

Japan is the country that’s leading in Google Play’s worldwide first quarter 2014 revenues. This is followed by the US, South Korea, Germany, and the UK. However, the US is leading on Q1 2014 downloads. This is followed by Brazil, Russia, South Korea, and India.


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So what’s the most highly-downloaded app on Google Play? According to the quarter report, games dominate the service as it makes up 90 per cent in app revenue. This is despite the fact that games make up 40 per cent of downloads, due to the freemium model that most games on that 90 per cent are using.

Just looking below the chart prove that free-to-play games seem to be the likely future in money-making on Google Play, as it dominated in the worldwide monthly revenue chart from May 2013 to May 2014. Seeing as Japan is getting more revenue in, odds are that F2P titles like Puzzle & Dragon and the new-in-the-region Candy Crush Saga, weird ads and all, help pushed the numbers.


The report stated that there are currently over one million apps on Google Play; the number of apps grew by one-third between July 2013 and April 2014. If App Annie is trying its best to get more developers to jump ship from Apple to Google, it may succeed with these recent findings. The full report can be downloaded on App Annie’s site for the curious.