Google/YouTube to buy eSports-focussed channel

Popular games-streaming channel, used mostly in Singapore and the Philippines, to be purchased for more than US$1 billion

By Jonathan Toyad


You’d be surprised that the pastime of watching other people play video games, either on a casual or professional level, is trending on a high, thanks to game-streaming channels like The channel’s usage in Southeast Asia has been growing of late, as the biggest games in the region (mostly in Singapore and the Philippines), DOTA 2 and League of Legends, are using for casual or eSports-level play.

Google’s video channel YouTube seems to show huge interest in it; according to a Variety report, the company has bought for an estimate sum of more than US$1 billion. The deal will be announced shortly. As of now, YouTube, and Google have yet to comment on the matter.

Also Read: Tencent earns net profit of US$1.03 billion in Q1 2014 announced its mobile gaming initiative last March where developers can incorporate video sharing into smartphone and tablet titles. Factoring this and’s growing presence in Asia, its competitors in the region would be game video-sharing companies like Kamcord and China’s equivalent of YouTube, Youku Tudou Inc.

Stay tuned to e27 for more official words and updates from YouTube, and Google.

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