Claiming itself as the first online coffee bean subscription service in Indonesia, Gordi is here to answer the curiosity of Indonesian coffee lovers on the different varieties of coffee beans. Launched in the middle of 2016, the startup offers selected local and imported coffee bean delivery service.

“Gordi’s presence was triggered by the spirit of celebrating coffee diversity in Indonesia today. As a home-based coffee brewer, I am always looking for sweet coffee with a ‘wow’ factor, be it in the form of its flavour, or the background story of the coffee bean itself. So this is what we aim to give to our subscribers,” says Gordi Founder Arief Said, in an interview with DailySocial.

Gordi’s business model brings to mind of Tonx, which was acquired by Blue Bottle Coffee in 2014.

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Through Gordi, Indonesian coffee aficionados will have the privilege to explore and taste different kinds of coffee bean every two weeks, according to their needs. Coffee lovers can adjust their daily coffee-drinking habits with subscription options offered by Gordi. The first option is Everyday Coffee Subscription; coffee lovers will receive a different variety of Indonesian coffee beans, produced in various places from Aceh to Papua, in every delivery.

The second option is Gordi’s Premium Subscription, a premium service that provides Indonesian and global coffee bean varieties. These two offerings are ready to satisfy the curiosity of coffee lovers, who wish to try different coffee varieties from the comfort of their home.

“Every two weeks, we are going to deliver different coffee beans each time to our subscribers. This way, subscribers can continue to discover new flavour during their subscription period,” says Said.

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Bootstrapping and payment options


Inspired by his experience as a coffee roaster in Sensory Lab, one of the best coffee roasters in Melbourne, Australia, Said brings home the idea to provide online coffee subscription service to Indonesia. In running its business, Gordi is currently bootstrapping and has yet to plan for a fundraising effort.

To ease payment process, Gordi enables the most commonly used payment method by Indonesian customers, which is bank transfer. For the future, Gordi is developing an e-wallet system and is also in the process of integrating credit card payment into the system.

“For fulfillment, we are taking care of it ourselves and we do our own packing. As for delivery, we are using third parties such as TIKI, JNE, or ojek services,” Said says.

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Said also adds that customers are able to customise the coffee bean’s packages. They can also choose between buying whole or grinded coffee beans, as Gordi is able to help grind the coffee bean according to preferred fineness level.

Gordi team’s fortnightly curation process will allow Indonesian customers to the wide variety of coffee beans from Indonesia and beyond.

“Our target is to have more coffee drinkers or home-brewers in Indonesia exposed to the diversity of coffee flavours. Apart from that, we would like also like to showcase different roasters available in Indonesia. Even now there are already more than 40 specialty coffee roasters in Jakarta,” Said closes.

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