If marketing is the heart of a company, customer sales is the lifeblood. To stay sustainable and profitable, a firm needs to have a solid sales team and sales plan in place. This week, we, at e27, have brought you three sales jobs from tech firms and startups, out of a total of 420 jobs from 217 companies.

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If you think you can close deals and persuade customers, feel free to check these jobs out and apply!

Sales and marketing manager at Nearcircles
Nearcircles is a hyperlocal social networking and deals platform, providing a platform for neighbourhoods and condos to connect with each other. Through it, users can participate in general discussions in their area, form groups and create events with their fellow neighbours.

Nearcircles needs a sales and marketing manager to work with vendors to publish deals, and at the same time with the marketing team to make sure the deals are marketed to customers. If you have a graduate degree and a minimum of three year’s experience in sales, why not apply and help them reach out to more people?

Sales manager at Gamyphi
Gamyphi is a young tech company that focuses on bringing cutting-edge technology from the research labs to the real world. Founded by NTU Alumni, it has launched a new product SERV, which is a cloud-based service delivery platform that aims to simplify the way retail services are offered and accessed by consumers.

Now, Gamyphi needs a sales manager who loves working with customers and is ready to make a massive impact through sales. If you have two years of inside sales experience and are a a self-starter with a strong desire to learn and grow, apply and stand to be part of a rapidly growing startup company, with amazing benefits and an opportunity to make uncapped earnings through commissions!

Sales executive at Easyuni Sdn Bhd
Launched in 2010, Easyuni is an education startup that connects students and parents with universities and colleges around the world, aiming to help these institutions gain exposure, while giving students and parents valuable information to make a better educational choice. It comprises one of the top 60 startups at Echelon 2014, and will be exhibiting at the Startup Marketplace on June 10, 2014.

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Easyuni needs a sales executive to help seek out new opportunities, presenting the startup to universities and colleges as a way to recruit students and gain brand exposure. If you have a minimum of one year’s experience in sales for internet and web businesses, why not apply and be a part of drive to facilitate education across the world?

Image credit: EDHAR/Shutterstock