Groupon Malaysia has officially been consolidated into Kuala Lumpur-based O2O restaurant platform Fave. This move will see Fave integrate all of Groupon Malaysia’s customers as well as deals from businesses such as restaurants, spas, fitness centres, hotels and more; essentially transforming Fave into a holistic lifestyle O2O platform.

The consolidation will see Fave serve over 3,000 businesses and over 3 million subscribers in three markets including Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

e27 first broke the news of this consolidation when KFit Group (now known as Fave Group) acquired Groupon Malaysia back in November last year.

In a Facebook note, Joel Neoh, founder of Fave Group briefly shared about the journey of Groupon Malaysia.

In a nutshell, it goes like this:

He founded Groupon Malaysia in 2011, oversaw operations for four years, before relinquishing control to build fitness sharing platform KFit.

Then, he found that KFit’s value proposition could be expanded to include verticals outside fitness, and incorporate other “offline categories such as restaurants, beauty, wellness and leisure” — which is essentially Groupon’s business model.

His next move was to sync up with his connections back at Groupon; enabling him to acquire both Groupon Indonesia and Groupon Malaysia.

The end result is a single, consolidated O2O platform that allows subscribers to buy both fitness classes and other lifestyle deals.

As part of this consolidation, existing Groupon Malaysia subscribers will be entitled to an extra 15 per cent discount on their first purchase on Fave. They can do so by entering the promotional code GOFAVE, which is valid until 28 February 2017.

Image Credit: FAVE