Hacker News (HN) has become my daily must-visit website recently. I think that HN has been a successful platform for crowdsourced content.

Users can submit the websites which they think is interesting or those that they deemed as “must-reads” by the HN community onto HN, and the community can vote up or down the submissions. This ensures that only the quality ones reach the top headlines of HN. Other than that, HN readers can also create simple polls or ask questions on the platform, like Quora.

Two weeks ago, Hacker News did a simple poll to ask its followers what is their favourite programming language. With the hype in the web and technology space as well as startup revolution, there are more and more people who are learning programming, myself included. Codecademy, a startup which makes learning to code fun and interactive, has been very successful because of this, and has called coding, the literacy of 21st century.

The results of the poll as of 12th April:

Python: 3044 votes
Ruby: 1718 votes
Javascript: 1412 votes
C: 966 votes
C# : 828 votes

Did some simple research and asked around my developers friend on how Python might be the most favourite language nowadays, and most seemed to agree that the language is relatively easier to pick up. The abundant resources that are available for free also adds on to the popularity of the language. So for those that are contemplating which language to pick up, you can consider learning Python or Ruby and there are a lot of resources that are available for your perusal.

Of course, this is not to say that Python is the best language. Each language has its pros and cons, and I am not a programmer yet so I am definitely not in the position to say which language is the best. So to the developers in the community, do you agree with the HN poll results? If there is one language that you would recommend, what would that be?