Online grocery platform HappyFresh celebrated it second anniversary in the Indonesian market on Thursday by launching several new features, partnership, and even a new user interface.

The startup launched a new B2B service HappyCorporate that enables corporations to shop for pantry supplies, from coffee, snacks, to tissue boxes. By far, it stated that 14 companies have signed up as users of the service.

HappyFresh also introduced new interface and features that includes delivery tracker, personal notes to shopper, and a favourite items list.

The startup has also secured partnership with banks such as Standard Chartered, supermarket chains such as PT Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour), and FMCG giant Unilever.

Launched in Indonesia in March 2015, HappyFresh currently has “hundreds” of employees and have partnered with seven supermarket chain and a special store. It claimed to have served 40,000 customers in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, and Surabaya.

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For 2017, in an e-mail to e27, HappyFresh Group CEO Guillem Segarra explained that the company’s focus will be to understand its customer “more and more.”

“We believe that grocery is a quite complex journey. It doesn’t start by what you pick and what we deliver. Actually, it starts with the feeling when you are missing something, develop the shopping list, until the moment when you really buy it. It is a complex one and we really want to understand every step of it across different countries where we operate,” Segarra wrote.

“So it is all about customers, customers, and customers,” he concluded.

Segarra also shared some points the company had learned about Indonesian users’ behaviour.

“From our continuous interactions and feedbacks from our customers, we realised that the customers are really looking forward to convenient when at the same time also want to discover new things. They actually like to be surprised and see new things, new stores, new speciality stores, and new products that they did not know are available in the city they live. This is something that we are working toward and really exciting about, to bring this discoveries over our service to the customers,” he wrote.

The company also noticed that different customers are triggered by different things.

“There are customers that go and search and there are customers that build up a list over the course of a week and then place an order, but there are also customers who exactly know how and what they should buy and directly select the items. So, we really want to understand this journey and ensure that we have the solution tailored and made for each customer’s segment,” he added.

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The HappyFresh service is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand as it has left the Philippines and Taiwan in August 2016.

In January, TechCrunch reported a change of leadership within the company, in which CEO Markus Bihler was replaced by former Senior VP of Operations Guillem Segarra.

Having been reported to take the position of vice chairman in the company, Bihler listed himself as an investor at Vertex Ventures in his LinkedIn profile. The Singapore-based venture capital firm also happens to be an investor at HappyFresh.

When contacted by e27, Vertex declined to comment on the matter.

Image Credit: HappyFresh

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