80%+ of Singaporeans live in HDB public housing flats. As part of their Making A Great Impression on Customers (M.A.G.I.C) initiative which is a Y.A.G.A (Yet Another Government Acronym), they have launched a few new web services.

A key new feature is My HDBPage. No it’s not a MySpace for HDB dwellers. Don’t expect social networking features on it. Instead it is for:

To cater to our more e-savvy customers, HDB launched the InfoWEB Personalisation Portal – My HDBPage in Dec 2006, where contents on HDB’s InfoWEB can be personalised for enhanced customer experience. HDB’s customers are now able to make online enquiries on the status of their transactions with HDB, such as their applications for their new/resale or rental flats, details on their mortgage loans and/or upgrading cost account balances, statement of accounts, renovation applications, etc. The details of one’s season parking and carpark fines can also be displayed automatically for the customer to proceed with payment.

Here’s a screenshot of the login page. I’m sorry but I can’t get into the website so I can’t view the system so if some can help with screenshots, do send them to me.

I think it’s should be a good service that will make it convenient to conduct transactions with HDB online. However my gripe is the really long URL. There’s no way you can remember that except to go to the HDB homepage and browse around. But overall, like most e-gov services here. They’re relatively straightforward to use and saves you the trip and queueing.

Some other new features:

Intelligent FAQ

HDB also launched the intelligent Q&A System (iFAQ) in Nov 2006. With this, answers to frequently asked questions are matched to keyword searches and displayed for InfoWEB users, saving them the effort to navigate the webpages.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

In order to alert customers to updates on the InfoWEB, HDB launched the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) service in Mar 2007, starting with notifications on new press releases. Customers can now make use of the RSS feed and be alerted to check out and access these updates from InfoWEB.


To facilitate payment over InfoWEB, the e-Payment facility was also enhanced in Nov 2006 to include more types of payments. Beside payment for season parking charges, mortgage loan instalments, rent, upgrading cost instalments and parking fines, HDB also introduced additional items that can be paid using the e-Payment facility. These include fire insurance premiums, bills for ceiling leakage, window rivet replacement, conveyancing fees for final loan instalment payment and renovation contractor registration fees.

Together, these new features provide better online customer service and enable greater “self-service” transactions round-the-clock.

Short Message Service (SMS)

To keep customers updated regularly on the availability of flats and the ethnic quota, HDB implemented the Short Message Service (SMS) in Oct 2006. For flat applicants who have provided their handphone numbers, SMSes will also be sent to them to remind them of their appointments for the selection of their flat, signing of Agreement for Lease or taking possession of their new flat.