The FIT Company, Indonesia-based startup that focusses on an active and healthy lifestyle, announced that it has acquired three local startups to further develop the wellness ecosystem in the country. The three startups are Slim Gourmet, Wellnez Indonesia, and FITCO.

“This expansion is our way to continue our vision to have a wellness ecosystem in Indonesia, to create a healthier public,” said Jeff Budiman, CEO dan Co-founder The FIT Company.

Slim Gourmet is a healthy catering service by five different chefs with different specialties, advised by professional dietitian and based on factors such as allergies, medical history, and dietary needs of each customer. It was acquired in April 2019.

The second acquisition done is Wellnez Indonesia, a company that has 50 database coaches across the country. The FIT Company hopes to spark further collaboration with Wellnez Indonesia to create a more positive ecosystem for coaches and members alike.

The third company acquired is FITCO, an app that gives incentives to streetwalkers. The service is designed to record numbers of steps and achievements of each user to reward them as appreciation and motivation to walk more.

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The acquisition of FITCO will see the platforms integrated with one another, making FITCO’s features available in The FIT.

There are several wellness arms that The FIT carries, from sports, nutritious food, to daily products.

In the third quarter this year, The FIT Company said that it plans to launch an integrated wellness service under one application. Through the application, users can choose coaches as well as choosing healthy menu according to their needs.

Image Credit: The FIT Company