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Online video monetisation through advertising is a lucrative and booming industry. Global advertising revenue reached US$11.2 billion in 2014 and is expected to increase to US$13.8 billion by the end of 2015.

Content producers on YouTube rake in millions of dollars in revenue annually by monetising their videos through YouTube’s advertisement service. Now Alfa Share, a mobile app developed by mobile advertising platform Cydersoft aims to leverage on the ubiquity of social networks, as well as the increasing smartphone adoption globally, to open up new monetisation options to video producers.

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Founded in 2014, the Israel-based startup launched a video monetisation marketplace for publishers and advertisers – VideMob, which claims to offer optimised, precise and targetted advertisements by utilising machine learning and advanced algorithms through its in-house proprietary online advertisement framework.

Alfa Share leverages on VideMob and provides cross-platform digital content publishing and monetisation service. This allows users to embed high definition quality advertisements that can be customised based on categories such as age, location and demographic.

The core selling point of this app, however, is that it claims to be the only mobile advertising platform that allows video producers to be able to monetise their videos regardless of whether they have partnered with a video sharing website. All they need is a sizeable social media following.

To start off, Alfa Share, which is available on both iOS and Android, features a fairly simplistic UX. On the main page, it gives users the option to submit videos through four channels — Dropbox folder, YouTube channel, storage folder or through another URL.

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Once they have selected their desired video, they can choose from a variety of apps to share it. Alfa Share allows users to utilise any app that enables sharing and these include WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, this can also be a little confusing as the app also gave me an option to share it through my phone via my notepad and clipboard, which is redundant.

Once the video has been uploaded, users can track its KPI, reports, statistics and earnings via the app’s dashboard.

Cydersoft CEO Semion Rohstein believes that social media channels will be the primary mode of content distribution in the future.

“People are already distributing video content. They’re just not benefiting from it. By utilising social capital, content creators can generate more engagement with the right people, and their web publisher partners can more effectively monetise their mobile web traffic,” he said in a statement.

Cydersoft receives two billion advertisement requests monthly and has 90 million registered users. It has offices in New York, Belarus and Moscow. In a chat with e27, Semion revealed that Cydersoft is currently self-funded and it is already yielding profits.

It is, however, seeking to raise investment in a Series B round sometime between September and October of this year. It plans to enter new markets, open offices in the APAC region such as China and Korea, as well as improve its services.

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