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For many techies and developers, it is a dream to be able to work in a startup in Silicon Valley, developing disruptive technologies in the world’s tech capital and changing the world one subroutine at a time. (That’s why we have our jobs portal!)

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Today, Hired.com will be launching a virtual career fair for Silicon Valley companies, making these dreams that much more achieveable for techies around the world. An online talent marketplace, Hired.com connects engineers, data scientists, and other tech specialists with over 700 tech companies in San Francisco and NYC.

This career fair is a joint initiative between Hired.com and Sequoia Capital, the venture capital firm that backed Apple, Google and LinkedIn. For the past 18 months, Hired.com has matched engineers and developers around the United States with Silicon Valley startups, and this career fair is the first time they are extending the matching to techies throughout the world.

Matt Mickiewicz, CEO of Hired.com and former founder of Sitepoint and 99designs, has noted that many engineers around the world have the skill and desire to work in the United States, but are hampered by work visa issues. “For the past month, we have received hundreds of emails from engineers around the world,” he says, “Our career fair streamlines their immigration and visa applications, connecting them directly with leading startups that want to hire them and are committed to sponsoring their visa.”

Many top companies and startups in Silicon Valley, including Airbnb, Eventbrite and Stripe, are on board the programme and ready to make offers to international applicants. For this career fair, those companies are mainly looking at developers for both Android and iOS, as well as programmers who work in Python and Ruby on Rails.

Below is a short list of the requirements for potential applicants:

  • Have a Computer Science degree or equivalent to meet visa requirements.
  • Possess developing skills in Android, iOS, Ruby and/or Python.
  • Pass a phone interview and successfully complete a coding assessment.
  • Be willing to relocate to the United States on a full-time basis.

Hired.com will be accepting applications from today until 10 Feb. The results of the phone interviews and coding assessments, which tests the algorithm, data structure, and object-oriented programming skills of the applicant, will be made available by the end of February. Successful applicants will fly to the States for face-to-face interviews, with their air tickets and hotels paid for. Once they pass the interviews, new hires will have their visas done to meet the April 2014 application deadline, and can begin working at their new jobs come October.

Interested engineers and developers can apply for the programme here.

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