When you think company takeovers as a means to go public, you would think two companies with similar portfolios and clients taking one over the other, right? But a reverse takeover between a game publisher and a resource company focussed on gold, copper and strategic minerals? That’s news to us.

Animoca Brands from Hong Kong is surely thinking out of the box, as it is letting Western Australia-based company Black Fire Minerals Limited acquire 100 per cent of the company under a signed agreement. This is to ensure that Animoca Brands becomes a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange via reverse takeover.

In terms of more details regarding the takeover, 1 billion of Black Fire Minerals’ ordinary shares will be issued for the acquisition of Animoca Brands for a consideration of US$5 million. 600 million performance shares will be issued to Animoca Brands, which will then be converted to ordinary shares at US$0.005 per share.

Black Fire Minerals will also be changing its name to Animoca Brands Corporation Limited following these turn of events. The new directors on board include Animoca Brands Co-founders David Kim and Yat Siu, CEO Robert Yung, World Vision International Senior Director of Applications David Brickler, and Pier Capital CEO Richard Kuo.

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When asked why Black Fire Minerals and this investment route, Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung said to e27 that it was just an opportunity introduced by his company’s contacts. “We studied it thoroughly before deciding to commit to this project. We want to continue to grow our business and license more intellectual properties to make more games, and we think the Australian Stock Exchange can give us the resources to do this.”

Yung said that Australia is a great market for small and medium-sized public companies that also understood how technology works. ” We considered getting listed in Hong Kong but unless you’re a so-called red chip, a mainland SOE listing in Hong Kong, or a very large company, listing in there means you’re likely to be overlooked. In Australia, there is little difference to the process between an IPO and a reverse takeover, and we will be issuing a prospectus just like any IPO.”

What will Animoca Brand be doing with the US$5 million it received from its deal? Yung said that the company will acquire more licenses for world-renowned consumer brands and create more games based on them. “Licensing and publishing are particularly resource-intensive businesses, and we would like to accelerate our leadership position in these areas – which requires capital.” Seeing as a mineral resource company is high on gaining capital, the reverse takeover seems like a sound venture for a gaming company.