The immediate thought to a mediocre person, when spoken of counterfeiting, is the low rip off pricing of products that are sold at the sidewalk of any prestige or monumental building.

Whereas it is often overlooked, but the fact is that fake goods also include business and enterprise products. Which most certainly are part of an everyday consumer good.

The dangers of these counterfeiting goods can impact fatal as well. The WHO (World Health Organization) has calculated that to an approximate rate of 10 per cent pharmaceutical drugs sold in low or moderate earning/ income countries are found to have either fake or substandard medications.

As a consequence, thousands of people, every year, die due to these fake pharmaceutical drugs and counterfeit booze.

On a global scale, when seen the actual trending amazement is how technology is advancing with the collaboration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to fight against counterfeits.

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The technology of AI has truly aided as an asset. Even Google’s Duplex integrated by AI is seen to sometimes mimic humans. Presently AI has been collided to save mobile app tech from counterfeits as currently, online money transaction apps are the most popular medium used.

When speaking of AI integrated mobile apps that secure the apps from counterfeits.RetroCube is seen as a prime mobile app development company that takes account of security to the highest regards.

Due to its highlighting aspects, RetroCube was also mentioned in an article from Forbes for its drive to be one of the best entity which protects privacy as an app development company.

Through recent studies and analysis, it has been gathered that the problem of counterfeits is simply going to grow.

INTA (The International Trademark Association) and The International Chamber of Commerce informs that the values estimated by the counterfeits could rise till US$2.3 trillion by 2022.

AI is great to save mobile app technology from counterfeits on a global scale, as apps have a huge influence in making tasks quicker while acquiring huge information that is crucial to be kept secure.

App authentication

AI and ML algorithms have made it easier to reduce concerns regarding security breaches and multiple other frauds. Now mobile apps can analyse any occurrence of unauthorised security breaches or logins to smartphone users.

In terms of cybercrime, AI plays out with a massive role to encounter the issue. With the continuous evolution of technology and day by day, reliance and usage of mobile apps require an even advance level of data security as well.

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One of the biggest concerns to new android app developers is to provide security. With the advancement and adaption of AI and MI technology security issues and concerns have certainly reduced.

As with the integration of AI, users are provided with alerts of possible threats and exposure to such viruses that can be avoided by analysing the behaviour of the users.

AI boosting the app security

AI is making a significant impact in taking security measures for mobile apps. Avoiding threats from Malware ensures optimum data and network security as a key concern of most mobile apps.

AI integrated apps can detect security vulnerability very effectively and efficiently at the very initial stage. AI also assists in filtering out a plethora of inappropriate content or material that can access the apps via social media or other mediums.

The AI followed with a cognitive structure and behavioural science assist in maintaining the correct and precise balanced amount of accessibility and security protocol in the mobile app technologies.

AI technology adapted in mobile apps are amazing in tracing fraudulent transactions that suspect the threat at the earliest possibility based on any irregular activities.

Crypto anchor verifier by IBM research

IBM Research has developed the Crypto Anchor Verifier that uses the concepts of block-chain to work as an AI-based counterfeit detector.

The best part is that you can run it on your phone and by simply clicking a few pictures of the item, the user will be able to check the products for any good.

The Crypto Anchor Verifier adapted with AI will function accordingly ahead to reduce fraudulently.

IBM has also stated that the Crypto Anchor Verifier not necessarily is adaptable to the smartphones hardware camera but may require a certain specification to be accessible.

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The Crypto Anchor Verifier is used to verify an unnumbered item, including medicines and paper currency. It is best used to analyse liquids such as water to figure out the per cent of contamination or than to detect batteries in the water.

Financial frauds

With the ability to analyse data accurately, there has been a decrement in financial scams solely because of AI.

All the concerns and challenges of the banking sector have been somewhat minimised by the intelligent decision-making skilled by both AI and MI (Machine Learning).

It is by the assistance of the mobile app technologies and AI features that have created higher convenience and accuracy for the users to avail banking services via this reliable medium.

Technology has the risk to be hacked relatively easily, but thanks to the AI integrated mobile apps, the access to such vulnerability has reduced to an incredibly low.

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These online money transaction apps are AI-assisted that helps the user detect any sudden counterfeit or abnormal activity compared with the user’s regular activities to alarm any financial fraud.

Detection of counterfeit products

Products such as handbags, accessories and even perfumes of notable brands tend to be sold in counterfeit forms. Now, AI technology can detect what is original and what is not to help you beware of potential frauds.

These integrated AI techs are adapted to mobile app technology that allows the user to scan the good or than compare the product with the picture generated in the app to detect if it’s an original product or then a counterfeit form.

Being a tremendous asset to reduce the implications of counterfeit items, the AI adapted mobile applications are of great assistance to detect such products.

They are easily and efficiently designed to be of assistance to users. These applications take action on a large and individual scale as well, which truly can be used to eradicate counterfeit on a global scale, especially during importations of goods.


Even with these adoptions, legitimate products must be circulated by their companies with complete ownership while also contributing to putting an end to these counterfeit products.

With advancement, even the perpetrators would evolve on their stealing/hacking practices. Therefore it is always crucial to stay in tacked on the most latest and better AI app technologies to stop them.

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Making it essential for any enterprise to take consideration of all the opportunities and options companies can avail on how to best use the AI integrated tech to avoid any effects from the counterfeiters.

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