Image Credit: Xiaomi

The Mi3 is finally premiering in Singapore tomorrow on Chinese handset manufacturer Xiaomi‘s e-commerce store at noontime. Customers are advised to log on and add the phone to their shopping carts before sales begin at 12 PM sharp. The buzz is there. People are excited. But…

Yes, that one important monosyllable indicates another side to this grand sale.

Just how many Singaporeans will get their hands on the Mi3 tomorrow? After all, many of them were left displeased and annoyed after not being able to procure one the last two times Xiaomi tried to sell the Redmi in the city-state. On February 21, the phones were sold out in eight minutes, and on February 27, they were gone in six minutes. Of course, the questions beg: how many phones were there? How many were sold?

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And just as expected, Xiaomi is unable to disclose any numbers.

The Mi3 will be sold at S$419 (US$331.12), a tad more expensive than its elder sibling, Redmi which was sold at S$169 (US$133). It will sport a full HD display at 1080 pixels, a screen which allows users to operate the phone even when their hands are wet, a 2MP front-facing camera, a 8.1 mm alumnium-magnesium body coated with three layers of thermal graphite, NFC (aka Android Beam), Dualband Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Are you still interested? Or have you lost all hope of securing a Mi3 online tomorrow?