“There’s only one thing that matters, customer satisfaction”

Entrepreneurs who make a debut often turn blindfold to the fact underlying this statement. They often skip attending the voice of the customers. Being left unheard, the inflicted customers often make up their mind not to return to you again.

It’s a massive loss. Your business journey may come to a bad end even before branding. Drill into your head that the first impression is the last impression. Underestimating customer satisfaction for a startup can lead you up a blind alley. So, it’s always recommended to follow the footprints of an experienced player.

So you should research the ways to determine how an outsourcing back office delivers better user experience. A satisfied customer can come up with roses for your startup. Therefore, come across situations that challenge his/her satisfaction.

Here are five scenarios that can assist you to come up trumps in the business innings:

1. When your customer is angry

Scenario: The customer is very annoyed from being delivered a wrong product. However, this situation specifically deals with a faulty delivery by an inexperienced merchant.

But there are some diverse situations, which are critical. It can be annoyance due to confusion. And there are some weird cases, wherein customers are angry simply because of having a bad day.

Customer support tips: 

  • Rather than being matched the customer’s emotions, stick around ideas to calm him down.
  • Follow H (Hear) E (Empathise) A (Apologise) R (Resolve) D (Diagnose) technique by Disney:
  1. Patiently and uninterruptedly, hear the story of your customer,
  2. By saying “I understand your frustration”, underscore that you completely understand his/her problem,
  3. Genuinely apologise even if you’re not responsible for the inconvenience,
  4. Resolve the grievances as soon as possible,
  5. Determine the deep-rooted cause of the customer’s dissatisfaction to ensure no repetition of the same mistake.

2. When communication crisis shoots

Nothing could be scarier than that of falling from the grace. You should be aware that your client has already gambled while investing in a startup. A communication crisis can cost you losing his trust.

Scenario: The customer rings the helpdesk and he/she even attempted to shoot an email. But his/her call was left unattended, and the email showed ‘failed delivery’.

Customer support tips:

  • Be ready with a ‘crisis communications plan’ — an excellent plan to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during an emergency,
  • Console the customer with the magic word ‘sorry’,
  • Update him/her about every step of corrections,
  • Constantly shoot emails stating to what extent is the problem fixed,

Assure him that the fixing is being done.

3. When the customer presses for discount you can’t give

Rewarding a discount is a promotional technique, as Flipkart does by initiating Re 1 sale in grocery every weekend. It’s an out-of-the-box upselling trick to invite new customers. Being a startup, you cannot offer discounts.

Scenario: The prospective customers ask for discount to invest in your products/services.

Customer support tips:

  • Do not straightly reject their request,
  • Try to convey why offering a discount is not possible,
  • Put the best features up front while reinforcing the value of your products and services,

Send an email, describing your products’/services’ value to your customers.

4. When you do not have answers to client’s request

Being a newbie, you might have limited resources. Possibly, you do not have all such features that your competitors provide with. However, they are a part of your projections to be integrated in the future. But for now, it’s not possible.

Scenario: Your prospective client is asking for an Android phone with a pop up 20 MP front camera, as one of your competitors offer. But you cannot embed that technology due to limited resources.

Customer support tips:

  • Avoid saying ‘no’
  • Appreciate his/her attempt to call for the support,
  • Convey the prospective plan confidently,
  • If there is a workaround to launch the bespoke solution, provide it. Otherwise, apologise,

If your product has some extra-ordinary features, spotlight them to convert him.

5. When you have a backlog of complaints

It’s a common situation. The communication crisis can worsen this situation. Perhaps your mailing package is full and your all emails remain unsent. The request to extend your mailing plan can be made, but only the next day. In the meantime, the customers will go impulsive. A briefing about your system error could fix the emotional oddity.

Scenario: The customer is waiting for the refund. But the support team is unable to respond due to downtime caused by server maintenance.

Customer support tips:

  • Not every customer does not take your response as a solution.
  • A small notice about being fixed can soothe their pain,Update shortly after the fixing of internal or system errors,
  • Try to respond with 24 hours,Laser focus on responding rather than providing solutions,
  • Personalise support to let them feel that you care for them.

Photo by: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash