Instagram, considered to be a disruptive social networking platform, has given more power to influencers and celebrities. The interesting part is that these categories of people are minting money from the photo-sharing app in the name of being promoters of brand awareness.

You, too, can be part of the new marketing wave

The beauty of all this is that you, too, can be part of the money minting business by considering Instagram for your social media management. This article is to show you just how you can do that by giving you helpful social media advice on how you can seriously, yes, I mean seriously make money on Instagram.

Did I mention that the advice goes for both your business and personal Instagram accounts? Well, now you know.

How to monetise your Instagram account

I may not be a member of the Kardashian clan or any other celebrity you can think of (speaking of their immense following), but what I can say is that with the growth in the number of followers in my Instagram accounts and the amount of money I have been able to make, I can comfortably cite there are certain tips I can swear on that have proven to work for me in my journey.

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As such, in the quest to turn your Instagram account into a money-making machine, the following social media advices are imperative:

1- Make the most from images

We all know that Instagram is all about photo and video sharing, and it is this fact that keeps Instagrammers glued to the site on any given day or month, and Statista can confirm this for us. If you take your photos, consider the prowess that comes with using a smartphone, especially when looking at the extent of immaculateness that is enshrined in image capturing and processing. If you have someone else taking your photos, then hire the best photographers to capture mouth-watering natural and authentic images that will keep followers wanting to see more from your  account.

2- Other apps come in handy, too

Having captured just the right images, the next step is to go further and make a statement, and there is no better way to do this than to use the right caption. It is here that other mobile apps come in handy, with the example of SwiftKey (a predictive app). This app will allow you to insert captions quickly and with ease, which will save you a good amount of time to do other stuff. Such an app is essential for account users, who post a lot in a 24-hour period and for those who have multiple Instagram accounts.  

3- Originality when it concerns content

Aside from the above, be keen to ensure you maintain originality. This goes for the content and images that are posted as well as natural gifts and individual stories. People love authenticity and so it’s to keep this in mind at all times.

4- Instagram should be the centre of your marketing focus especially for social media marketing

Notably, Instagram should be the go-to place for your social media marketing, and you should consider drawing traffic to your profile. To be successful at this, you must be good at engaging, enlightening and encouraging your audience. Before you know it, you will have created an Instagram community, attracted to the authenticity that you or your brand represents.

5- Be professional

This should come naturally for anyone concerned with marketing pursuits. Professionalism and discipline come in handy when building a reliable and reputable brand. This is especially true when you are called upon to engage in partnerships.

6- A PayPal account is key

Finally, with your pay day only being a few posts away, it’s essential to have a PayPal account ready to get the money coming.

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Let me conclude this article by saying choosing to take Instagram seriously for your social media management quests is worth it, especially when looking at Instagram marketing which is the way to go for both personal and business brands. You can monetise your account today. The question is: are you ready to join the Instagram money making club? If yes, welcome aboard — we can’t wait to hear from you.


The author Amelia Dean is a digital marketer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash