Search Engine Optimization(SEO) refers to the tactics and strategies you can use to improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing.

This requires a strong understanding of your buyer personas and their wants in order to develop a strong SEO marketing strategy that works for you in the long run.

SEO isn’t just a way for you to get more traffic. Instead, it’s about helping customers find their way to your product more easily. You need to ensure the traffic to your page is as qualified as possible.

When thinking about the factors that affect the visibility of your site, they can be separated into two broad categories: On-Page and Off-Page.

On-Page factors include things like the user experience, site structure and image tags. By designing a user experience that is relevant to the customer’s needs, you ensure they stay on your website, interact with the content, and return. Your website, in turn, ranks higher when users spend more time on your site.

This is why it is important to ensure your site is SEO-optimized for your ideal prospects. The goals here is to create more opportunities to turn someone who discovered you organically into a customer. You don’t want to get a lot of unqualified traffic that won’t be giving you sales or improved rankings.

Off-page factors include things like your inbound traffic from other websites and the social presence of your brand. These are factors that are independent of your website and any optimizations you’ve done on it. It’s interesting to note that the social component of the SEO strategy has increased in importance in recent years due to the increased prioritization of content and individuals in your immediate social network.

What David will cover in this month’s AMA

A common mistake made by businesses is to rank well for keywords that attract non-relevant traffic. This is a fruitless attempt which might even work against you in the long run. None of the traffic converts to actual sales and reduces the engagement of traffic with your content.

This represents just one of the many issues businesses could face when dealing with SEO. For anyone who’s facing such issues, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this month’s AMA with David Fallarme. He’ll be sharing his insights on the issue in this month’s AMA titled “How To Win at Google: A Crash Course on SEO”

He’ll be covering everything from how to optimize your web page’s SEO, how to create an SEO strategy that works for you in the long run and more!

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