Hoy, the social media brand engagement community developed in the Philippines, has recently been launched in Manila and Cebu. The app lets users capture memories together with their favourite brands and earn rewards for sharing these memories.

The company wants to bridge the gap between brands and consumers by providing a community where users and brands can exist harmoniously with each other instead of making ads look like pesky posts that sneak into users’ feeds.

Founders, Seph Mayol (CEO) and Royce Dy (CTO) has envisioned Hoy as a way to create a community that can be used as a platform for brands and consumers to interact on a personal level.

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Users who post selfies with their favourite brands have been rewarded by Hoy’s partner brands, which include Grab, AirAsia, Bacardi, DC, Quicksilver, Giordano, Burger King, and more.

According to Mayol, these rewards can be products and services such as shoes, local air flights, speakers, toys, and cellphones, among other things.

Hoy works by aggregating different brands that cater to different markets at different age groups.

Other than integrating Facebook’s Likes which taps into a user’s existing friends and followers in Facebook, Mayol hints at future features which includes two new types of campaign that aim to address different marketing strategies for different merchants.

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They also plan to release video selfie campaigns which gives influencers more room for creativity in producing stories with their favourite brands.

“We will discover a new generation of influencers from our users who have a significant following via our app. We can match these up-and- coming influencers directly with our partner brands, making the overhead for partnerships between influencers and brands not as costly compared to partnering with established personalities from YouTube or Instagram,” Mayol said in a press statement.